Short Link for YouTube - url shortener android app YouTube url shortener android app (Discontinued)


Android app on Google Play YouTube url shortener free android app. It allows you to create, manage, and share short URLs from your android device.

  • Create YouTube short urls quickly, including YouTube video, channel, playlist, and user urls..
  • video, channel & playlist URL/link shortener app & viral booster. It allows you to create custom channel link & name or shorten video, user, channel, and playlist links and URLs through your phone or tablet, with fast and ad free re-directions and automatically promote your shortened video, channel, or playlist to other app and website users. Get free views and subscriptions and help your youtube channel or videos go viral for free!
    NOTE: the shortened URLs cannot be used to download video or audio, is not affiliated with YouTube in any way
  • Get free views and impressions to boost your channel or video views and subscriptions every time you view other users channels or promoted videos or when you shorten and share your youtube urls through the app.
  • You can browse top videos, channels, and playlists shortened by other users and promote yours for other users to view.
  • Grow the user network by sharing the app and therefore help promote your youtube urls to more users.
  • You can promote urls or view top user content through the app or through the the website

Android app on Google Play

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