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Simple EMR is an is an easy to use, multi user, low cost, off-the-shelf Electronic Medical Record (EMR) / Medical Practice Management software solution for practitioners that is being used by hundreds of clinics/doctors in over 30 countries. It is also chosen by a few universities to train their medical students due its simplicity and low cost. We also offer the Advanced Edition of the software for clinics.

It is, as the name implies, a simple medical software, but not in the sense that it lacks functionality and good information structure, but rather in terms of workflow simplicity. Review the program Features, Screenshots, and Requirements, or you can download a fully functional trial version:

- Metric units version (11.6 MB):

- Imperial units version (11.5 MB):


  • Easy and task oriented navigation and information layout.
  • Good structure and organization of medical data.
  • Program available in two versions: imperial and metric measurement unit versions.
  • Multi user support over the local network
  • Self-learning information fields with suggestions and auto complete, as well as a QuickText templates feature simplifies and reduces data entry, thus increasing productivity.
  • Extensive and extendable drugs list based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s National Drug Code Directory.
  • Incorporation of ICD-10-CM, allowing full display as well as search and retrieval of codes and text from the ICD Diseases/Injuries and Procedures classifications.
  • Ability to generate, edit, format, spell check, and print or export prescriptions, encounter records, custom medical printouts with preset clinic logo, information header and signature footer, as well as partial or whole patient lists and specific days' appointments. Also it has the ability to export partient records in CSV format.
  • Incorporation of medical imagery into the patient record with ease of importing of scanned and DICOM format images, including the ability to annotate and print images with ancillary information headers, as well as exporting of images.
  • Charting of vital signs and Body Mass Index (BMI) over time with ability to export or print graph images.
  • Ability to list or search patients by almost all types of information stored in the medical record.
  • Simple management of patient appointments and scheduling and an appointment notifications feature.
  • Ability to backup and restore the medical records database to prevent data loss.
  • Simple software installation process.


  • Main Screen
  • New Patient
  • Demographics
  • Medical History
  • Ancillaries
  • Annotate Images
  • Clinic Info
  • Encounter
  • Encounters
  • ICD-9-CM
  • Prescription
  • Charting Vitals
  • Appointments
  • Patients List
  • Printouts

Trial Download:

You can download one of the 30-days fully functional trial versions below:

  • Metric units version (11.6 MB setup file):

  • Imperial units version (11.5 MB setup file):

To purchase a license key, please go to the our online webstore.

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