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Clinic Manager is a free Electronic Medical Records (EMR)/Medical Practice Management software that was designed to serve small private clinics in Egypt operated by solo practitioners practicing in all specialties. It allows the management of patients' medical records with detailed visits history. Visit details include physical examination notes for all systems, vital signs, and other notes. It also allows the physician to keep track of patient's demographics as well as medical, surgical, social, family, allergies, tests (ancillary), and medication histories. It allows the physician to issue prescriptions and custom reports (with preset clinic information included in the header). Furthermore, it allows backup and restore of the medical records database to prevent loss of medical data. It also has a feature that speeds up data entry for users, which is a self learning list boxes with auto-complete feature, which remembers and auto-completes previously entered values for drugs, patient names, and complaints.
Current version is 0.9; it does include all the functionalities originally designated for the software, except for the medical reports capability.

NOTE: This program might need the DAO/Jet databse engine libraries to be installed on some systems in order for it to work properly. These are included in the Microsoft Jet 4.0 service pack 8. You can get the proper version for you System from this page.

NOTE # 2: Work on this project has been discontinued, the last release is 0.9.

NOTE # 3: This program is supported on systems with Jet Database engine upto version number 4.0 (SP8) (with msjet40.dll version 4.0.8015.0). This is due to the fact the the software was built using older technologies that is gradually becoming obselete. Therefore, this program is not supported or reported to function properly on systems newer than Windows XP SP2. Using newer versoins of Windows or updating your Windows XP with MS Jet Database Engine related updates newer than the ones included in SP2 (such as SP3 updates currently being provided through Windows automtic updates) will render the program non-functional.
You can determine msjet40.dll version number using instructions provided on the same page with link provided in NOTE # 1.

NOTE # 4: This program has been discontinued and is no longer available for download for the reasons mentioned in NOTE # 3.

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