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Arabic Transliteral Keyboard


Arabic Transliteral Keyboard is a freeware keybaord layout that allows users to type arabic letters by pressing the corresponding english letter that either sound like or looks like the desired arabic equivilant. for instance the letter 'ف' (fa') has been mapped to the english letter 'f' and so on.

This keybaord is useful to users who are good at touch typing in english but not in arabic and want to make use of their english typing speed and skills in typing arabic.

This idea is not new and has been implemented before, but there aren't many implementations out there, if any, that work well with Windows 7 so we provided one as an available solution.

Following is the keyboard layout:

Arabic Transliteral keybaord layout

And the keyboard layout with SHIFT:

Arabic Transliteral keybaord layout with SHIFT

Download the Windows setup package file here (253 kb zip file)

Download the Mac osx compressed keyboard layout file here (4 kb zip file)

After download, for Windows please extract the file contents and then run the setup.exe file which will automatically install the keyboard layout.

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