Simple EMR User Guide 


Version 1.0 


Digital Cairo Software 


Table of Contents 

​Configuration and Setup:



​Database setup 

​VAT/GST setup 

​Working Hours 


​Clinic Info 





​Companies/Price Lists 

​Document Library 

​Pharmacy Inventory 

​Medical Record: 

​Add new patient 

​Locating Patient Files 



​Create Invoice 

​Search Invoices 

​New encounter 

​Patient Document Management 


​Medical Reports 

​Financial Reports 

​Processing Lab/Radiology/Pharmacy Orders 

​Clinic Wide Document Library Access 





You can configure clinic working hours “Working Hours” options under “Clinic Data” tab in the program “Settings” section. This will limit the registering of appointments under “Appointments” section to the clinic working hours. 




Clinic administrators can define current pharmacy inventory levels and add/edit inventory batches with prices in the “inventory” screen.